I grew up in Roseland, California, in a single parent home with my mother. When I was six, my father was delivered from drugs and alcohol and came back to support my mother and I. In his deliverance, he found God and through his testimony he led my mother and I to Christ. From then until I was about 17, I continued to go to church, but I still hadn't learned about God for myself. In my senior year of high school, I formed a group with other rappers called "Split Mic." After I graduated, our group split up, followed by events that led to me lose most of my friends. This was the beginning of my struggle with depression. As more time passed, my situation worsened with the death of multiple close family members. Along with my situation, my depression became worse and I began to struggle with thoughts of suicide. Around this time, I met a man who opened up his studio to me and blessed me with the ability to begin recording again. This opportunity gave me a reason to keep living and pursuing God. In 2011, I released an album, where I talked about my struggles with depression, helping me to finally overcome my battle. Shortly after, God personally revealed Himself to me, and I became much more dedicated to doing music for Him. God continued to work in my life, giving me a vision to not only work on another album, but to start a movement.

     "Speak Up," is a movement which encourages God's people to take a stand for God's purpose in their life. My team and I have worked day and night for the last year and a half to complete this project, which released in July 2013. God continues to work with me, and has inspired me to Speak Up against depression and many others issues that we face as God's children in the world today.

     Here we are about 3 years later. What I have experienced along the way has not only tested my faith but reminded me that God is faithful. From recording over ripped beats in a friend's closet to hitting the road with my band, headlining my first tour ever, I am nothing but blessed.

     You may not believe the same way I do. You may have your doubts about this whole God thing. If I can tell you one thing, it's this. I'm not looking to get you to join my "religion". I'm not looking to trick you into anything. I want you to experience the love and purpose that I've been blessed enough to receive. Relationship > Religion. You've read beyond where most people who visit my website will read. That means that I'm writing this to you. God isn't "The Big Scary Man In The Sky". If you don't know where to start, literally just talk to Him. He's not judging your prayer. He loves you enough to make sure that I could tell you so. If you have any questions, head over to the contact page and shoot me an email. You are valued.

                                                                                              -Tru Lyric